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"Dr. Nellestein is the BEST! He and his team are very professional and compassionate. I would highly recommend Dr. Nellestein."- Linda P.


"I've always felt listened to, which is something I hold in high regard. I'm always told what to expect of my treatments. I highly recommend"- Terri P.


"Great, caring people!"- Linda P.


"I was completely impressed with your clinic during my appointment. Not only was each person kind and friendly, everyone was very professional. I was kept informed and Dr. Nellestein explained everything to me so that I would understand what to expect during subsequent visits. Thank you so very much for the care you all provide!!"- Dawn L.


"Great facility and staff. Highly recommend them."- Christine B.


"Loved every moment of my visit. Learned a lot and am now able to make some decisions. Looking forward to the next appointment. Thank you so much, Carol"- Carol K.


"Wonderful staff and Dr. Nellestein explain everthing to me. Very professional."- Alice S.


"first visit with lots of information to take in. Dr really took the time to explain my diagnosis and treatment options. No rushing in and out. I felt very comfortable and will be having him do my treatments." - Tammie P.


"The staff are very friendly and professional."- Becky S.


"Finally someone to answer the question of "WHY". going back next week to have the scanning. A Dr. you talks to you not above you. Try the consultation, what do you have to lose?"- Mary B.


"The office staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions. Dr Nellestein was very thorough and attentive throughout my consultation. He answered my questions and addressed my concerns about the procedure best suited for my vein needs."- Denise M


"I was very pleased with my visit. Dr.Nellestein took his time to explain the types of veins, how they work, what happens when there is blockage. He showed me pictures explained the procedure what would work and be done in my case. He even told me a little about himself. I felt comfortable and was relieved that my legs could be fixed and start feeling and looking good again. I feel i made the right choice and can't wait to get started."- Diana H.


"Very nice people. Dr. Nellestein gave me answers right away.i appreciate having tests done right there in the office. Very friendly folks." - Anita S.


"Great team. Dr.Nellestein is very professional and knowledgeable in more than just Veins. They all have a good sense of humor in the office. I (liked) that. You only get one chance to make a first impression. They all did very well with that. If the treatment works I will be 100% satisfied. Thanks to you all. Larry Brown"- Larry B.


"Dr Nellestein was very friendly, informative, and down to earth."- Douglas R.


"All went well and am encouraged that may finally have relief from years of restless legs! Dr and his staff are exceptional!"- Carol R.


"Everyone is very nice and they take real good care of you. The doctor throughly explains everything to you and answers any questions you have. I would highly recommend them."- Kathi S.


"Great facility and staff."- Christine B.


"Dr Nellestein has been amazing. Not every Dr. will take the time to help a kid understand exactly what’s going on with them and how a treatment work but Dr. Nellestein and his staff do exactly that. When my daughter went in half or her treatment she was completely comfortable with what he was doing and confident he was doing his best for her. That means everything to a parent who’s child is having medical issues. I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Nellestein and his staff."- Ammie S.


"Dr. Nellestein explained what needed to be done, and as soon as my appointments are set, I'll be ready to have done what he explained."- Jacqueline B.


"Blessed to be served by Nellestein and staff. Doctor so detail explaining my condition, what caused it, how to treat it and steps to get it resolved. Small world we had a few in common. Military and love Hawaii. Staff made you feel at ease from the front reception desk to the examine room. Thank you for welcoming me and helping me with my veins."- Marina L.


"Wonderful, caring people that listen to you and respond to your needs in a way that is understood. Looking forward to the remainder of my journey with them!"- John C.


"Dr. Nellenstein and his staff are awesome! Highly recommend! They were always ready for me at my appointment time. Never had to sit in the waiting room for more than a few minutes!"- Tricia F.


"My appointment was an excellent experience. Dr. Nellestein explained everything in great detail and was very personable. Answered all questions that I had concerning procedures. I setup two future appointments that were less than two weeks out."- Larry L D.


"I've had a few visits with Dr. Nellenstein. He and his staff are very friendly. His nurse was very helpful with all the questions I had and I had a lot of them! My insurance didn't cover the procedure I needed, but Dr. Nellenstein made it very affordable for me."- Kelly P.


"Exceeded my expectations!! Very down to earth and easy to talk to! They actually took time to listen!! I would highly recommend them!!!!"- Cynthia R.


"My first visit to the office Rebekah, the receptionist, was friendly and helpful in getting me scheduled for my consultation. During the consultation, Tina, the doctor's assistant, was knowledgable and made me feel comfortable discussing my leg vein issues. Along with Dr. Nellestein they answered my questions and listened to what I saying and gave me informed feed back. He was kind and seemed concerned about my issues. Darrel, I think was his name, did a good job performing the ultra sound on my legs. He made it a pleasant experience. Everyone I encountered was professional, friendly and not pushy. All were very approachable people."- Pat R.


"I was very pleased with my experience at Nellestein Vein Intitute. My nurse, Tina Miller was attentive and knowledgeable answering all questions I asked her. Summer is right around the corner and this senior citizen wants to wear leg bearing attire! I highly recommend this procedure for spider veins :)"- Sharon C.


"Dr Nellestein was my thoraic surgeon in 2001, then when I started having problems with the veins in my legs, I knew that in order to rest at night I needed to see a vascular surgeon for treatment. I immediately contacted Dr. Nellestein's office for an appointment. I had the procedure and have had no problems, any new problems with my veins I will definetly see Dr. Nellestein."- Gloria Y.


"Dr Nellestein and his staff are awesome. They explain every step of the procedure they are doing. I’m so happy I choose them for my vein treatment. U"- Carolyn C.


"Very friendly staff. Dr. Nellestein was very informative. If I have a need of his services in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to call."- Mary L.


"Great, friendly staff. I felt very comfortable and everyone was so attentive."- Joyce T.


"Dr. Nellestein is one of the best. During the consultation he was extremely thorough and explained the vein procedure with great detail. Their office is pristine clean and very professional. My procedure was a success and I’m very thankful to have found their vein institute."- Angela B.


"The entire staff was aware of my time and worked to expedite the process as much as possible. Everyone was ready for my visit, very professional, and took time to explain everything that was going to happen and everything that was going on."- Bill G.


"Three down and five more to go. The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and make the experience enjoyable."- Jacklynn G.


"A very welcoming environment! Kind & friendly !!"- Ruth G.


"I highly recommend Dr. Nellestein's treatment process. I carry his card and tell my friends who have vein problems. The process is very comfortable and jovial as he visits with his patients. A friendly welcome atmosphere."- East Fork P.


"My treatments have just begun, but I’m very excited for my next visit. The staff is excellent and truly care!"- Jacklynn G.


"Dr. Nellestein was informative, friendly, and professional. And his staff is amazing! Super nice with a sense of humor! Which for me is a plus! Excellent experience!"- Pam M.


"Very knowledgeable and caring Doctor & staff. Have had a great experience here!"- Sheri C.


"I’m very pleased with the first visit. We have a game plan. Dr Nellestein answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable about the treatment. The whole staff was amazing. Can’t wait to get started!"- Sabra N.


"This was the best experience I've had with a doctor in a long time. He took time to listen and to explain how the circulatory system works in a simplistic way that helped understand what was going on. His bedside manner is kind and engaging. His staff was all friendly and helpful. Totally wish he was my family doctor!!"- Kim C.


"On time for appointment and very clean and very comfortable environment"- Peggy W.


"He sat with me and explained the issues with my legs. Took his time, drew me diagrams, and used terms I understand."- Jody G.


"Dr Nellestein and staff are truly first class!"- Charlie S.


"I feel like I had a good experience. Everyone in the office was nice. Doctor nellestein explained everything so I could understand it. I would recommend him to others."- Jean F.


"Friendly and efficient. Explained everything I needed to know. Nurse was very helpful and receptionist is friendly . Felt comfortable that Dr. Nellestein and Ultrasound man knew what they were doing."- Kaci P.


"Very pleasant staff. Dr was friendly and respectful. Explained everything in detail. The ladies and ultrasound tech were very nice."- Brenda R.


"The Dr and staff are wonderful people. Very professional , friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I felt at ease and would definitely recommend this institute.."- Starla B.


"Excellent friendly knowledgeable staff!!! Would recommend to everyone!!!"- Teresa A.


"Dr. Nellestein was very thorough and made sure the all veins were addressed."- Kelvin U.


"Dr. Nellestein and his staff are great!! Very professional and results were amazing."- Corky M.


"Excellent friendly knowledgeable staff!!! Would recommend to everyone!!!"- Teresa


"Dr. Nellestein was on time and explained my procedure. I was in and out with no issues."- Kelvin U.


"I have venous insufficiency, or valves in my leg veins which do not close properly, leading to fluid accumulation in my legs. Dr. Nellestein took the time to explain the methods for treatment which were used in the past, what is used now and why, and what else is available for treatment and why he does not use them. I had venous ablation done to treat my worst leg early last year. Being on my feet for a week showed me just how much the fluid retention in my formerly worst leg was reduced, so I got the other leg treated with a simpler new procedure now covered by insurance."- Deborah H.


"wounderful experience"- Mary S.


"This is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. After having two procedures on each leg I am virtually pain-free and not even 24 hours after the procedure was done! The staff here are truly wonderful people! And I have already recommended them to someone else!"- Meryl S.


"I just had my vein ablation done 3 days ago, and it was a great experience plus I have had no negative after effects from the procedure. Looking forward to having the other leg done. The atmosphere there is very laid back and comforting and I love how it is explained to you every step of the procedure and what to expect. While we always expect the worse, the opposite was what I experienced. Thank you Dr. Nellestein and staff."- Julie S.


"Professional and courteous - so easy to work with"- Celena F.


"Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Dr Nellestein was very kind and explained everything as it was happening- They are great!"- Vickie M.


"Very nice Dr.gave me info about my legs that I needed to know thank you very much Dr.Nellestein"- Brian M.


"Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Dr Nellestein was very kind and explained the whole procedure to me so I could understand what was going to happen. I can’t wait to see the results! Thanks!"- Vickie M.


"I just finished my last treatment! And the disgusting 3D roadmap off horror that used to legs has been repaved and now I am wearing shorts agian for the first time in over 4 years. Wow ...thanks Doc.Dr Nellestein is so considerate and thougtfull explaining each procedure and the staff are very freindly...So far I like the results I am seeing. More to come..."- Thomas F.


"Dr. Nellestine and his staff are the best! They explain everything and ensure you get the best care!"- Julie P.


"Awesome work. Woohoo!"- Merrie E.


"Dr Nellestein is so considerate and thougtfull explaining each procedure and the staff are very freindly...So far I like the results I am seeing. More to come..."- Thomas F.


"First time staff was extremely polite and helpful, and Dr. Nellestein was very clear in explaining his thoughts and treatment recommendations. Great "bedside manner," I never felt rushed, and I felt that I received great care."- Breanna C.


"Love the staff! I was a nervous wreck going in for my procedure, but with the comfort of all the staffeveryone made me feel more at ease!Thumbs"- Debbie L.


"Dr. Nellestein & staff are amazing! They are exceptionally professional, informative, and truly care about each patient's needs. Cost is also very reasonable. I highly recommend this Vein Institute to anyone inquiring about or needing vein treatments. I have received ablation in both legs & I will followup with sclerotheropy for the treatment of spider veins."- Stacey H.


"So glad I didn't travel to Kansas City! Dr. Nellestein and his medical staff performed first an ablation and then later an ultrasound guided sclerotherapy treatment on my right leg. It was painless, and I can already see and feel the improvement. He and his staff are professional and caring. Dr. Nellestein is a skillful surgeon. I will definitely go back to him if I need further treatment in the future."- Diane M


"Very well done. Made me feel very comfortable with the procedure, and all the staff was super pleasant"- Caitlin C.


"Dr. Nellestein and his team are AMAZING. I have NEVER seen a dr. be so attentive, passionate, caring and take pride in his work, employees and patients like Dr. Nellestein does. The procedures I have had have been explained thouroughly, questions answered, and made to feel like I was at home. I won't ever go anywhere else for my vein needs."- Megan D.


"The team at Nellestein Vein Institute is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Dr Nellestein has been wonderful in explaining my treatment options, performing my procedures, and assisting in my successful recovery and follow up. I would highly recommend Nellestein Vein Institute to anyone dealing with vein problems including varicose veins and venous insufficiency."- Mary M.


"I work for the US Government overseas and was worried the varicose veins in my leg which developed while in the Marines were getting worse. The VA hospital had me on a 6month waiting list but I had only a week vacation to work with. I was referred to Dr. Nellestein by another physician in Kansas City and he quickly answered all my questions. Dr. Nellestein went above and beyond to make sure I was in and out within a week! I felt at home knowing he was a retired US Navy surgeon who has a real passion for veterans and our country. He definitely knows what he is doing. I highly recommend!"- Michael B.


"Everyone was very helpful from the time you walk in the door until you leave. They told me what to expect before the procedure and whatto do after the procedure. They answered all of my questions. Dr. Nellestein called me the next day to see how I was doing. I have had3 procedures and have already seen an improvement in my leg."- Kevin K.


"First visit with Dr. Nellestein and the best solid information that was everything I needed for making the decision on treating the spider veins and then was handed off to his RN nurse McKenzie and the male nurse that does the ultra sound to check the circulation to see if the valves are working well....and both of these employees were so caring, thorough, and very knowledgeable on all areas of the veins we were doing the ultra sound on to gather information. So the exam wasSo professionally done, on time appointment and solid information to further make a Decision to treat the spider veins. I have since my initial appointment met with Dr. Nellestein's RN nurse McKenzie to do the injections to treat theSpider veins and all done with expert care and comfortable procedure. Very pleased and certainly would highly continue to recommend Dr. Nellestein Vein Clinic to anyone needing varicose vein treatments. They are the best clinic and you will see for yourself on your first initial visit. Geri Ruch"- Geri T.


"I feel blessed I found Dr. Nellestein! I was told I needed to go to the emergency room to see if I had a blood clot in my leg. There fortunately was a flyer in my doctors waiting room for Dr. Nellestein Vein institute and I asked if I could get in to see him that day if I could go there as this is who I would need to help me anyway. I was blessed to be seen that day and my treatments have began. My first treatment was a ablation to my leg. I drove in and drove home that same with very little pain just really a slight discomfort which lessened as time passed and was nominal by the next day. I had been in touch with my cousin in Ohio who had just had used the vein stripping to correct his similar condition and he had to be driven home with pain pills for weeks and much pain. I did not require any pain medication and was working on my house that same day doing light work which did not violate what was suggested by Dr. Nellestein for the procedure I received. The staff was very professional and highly trained and gentle able to answer all questions I asked.I was treated in less than one hour and on my way home again. I just feel blessed to have seen that flier as I have been fighting my condition for more than a decade and just cannot believe the relief I am experiencing.Thank you for all you have done. I look forward for the additional treatments I will be getting to correct my long term problems I have. I never thought I could correct these problems especially without the extreme pain other treatments leave you with. We are very blessed to have this available here."- Kenneth M.


"i found Dr. Nellestein to be very caring, and explained everything in a manner which I could understand. The staff was so personable and helpful, they made the entire experience of my surgery so comfortable. The clinic was clean, fresh, modern and new. Probably one of the best experiences of a surgery I've ever had. Thank you Dr. Nellestein and ALL of your staff for being so awesome! i no longer have the swelling issues in my ankle and i can finally walk without pain!"- Janis C.


"I'm a nurse and I would trust him with my life and the lives of my family members!! Dr. Nellestein is a great physician and surgeon!"- Kenny D.


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